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World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

The bicycle is a cheap and efficient means of transport to travel in modern cities. Investment in infrastructure for cycling is a modern and intelligent strategy by the governments of the great orbs. Various studies show that the bicycle is a modern solution in times when traffic is increasing.

Copenhagen is the friendliest city for people who use the bicycle as a means of transportation in their daily lives.

The Danish capital has an impressive investment in infrastructure that the government is making. Urban design for bicycle use in the Danish city has no ‘rival’ in the world.

The second criterion of the count to define the friendliest cities with the use of the bicycle is the number of people who prefer this means of transport. Road planning so that cyclists can circulate is the third variable that the firm used for its ranking. Copenhagen is followed in second and third place, respectively, by the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, according to the ranking. Amsterdam is in the second position, due to the saturation of bicycles that the city has and the lack of more order.

Regarding Utrecht, it is on the rise because of the investment and the programs it has for the benefit of bicycle users. The company highlighted the “attractive and accessible Utrecht” development plan, which seeks to improve roads.

Here is the ranking of the friendliest cities for bicycle users:

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Amsterdam, Holland
  3. Utrecht, Holland.
  4. Strasbourg, France
  5. Eindhoven, Holland.
  6. Malmo, Sweden
  7. Nantes, France
  8. Bordeaux, France
  9. Antwerp, Belgium.
  10. Seville, Spain.