CBGTA board meetings are the second Thursday of each month.
6:00 PM, Parke County Learning Center, 519 N Lincoln Rd (US41), Rockville
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Hike the Bridges

Bike the Bridges
Covered Bridge Gateway Trails Association, Inc.
Parke County Indiana
Trails and greenways preserve natural landscapes and provide protection for plant and animal species.
The dream of Covered  Bridge Gateway Trail is already becoming a reality with the completion of the first segment of trail in October, 2014.......
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This page was last updated: December 3, 2014
Photos are provided courtesy of the following photographers: Ed Allen, Dick Bauman, Peggy Foster, Alan Flowers, Rance Fuqua, Linda Hohe, Cliff Kunze, Dixie Kunze, Jim Montgomery, Randy Moselle, Karen Sholl, Lisa Summers.
Winter 2014

The first segment of trail was completed in Rosedale in October, 2014.
"Develop, build and maintain recreational trails in Parke County."